Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

When it comes to cell phone plans, you can shrink your phone bill significantly by choosing the prepaid option. There are plenty of prepaid plans that will only cost you $50 or less.

We will go over the most cost effective options on the market here to help you find the best prepaid cell phone plans.

Pros and Cons to Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

While the potential to save on a prepaid cell phone plan is certain, you will also sacrifice many benefits and features available with postpaid plans. 

Examples of this include the inability to access free subscriptions to streaming services on your phone and the lack of mobile data offered overseas. Another common one is slower speeds when the network is full of traffic. 

However, if you don’t usually use these perks, you might as well choose the more affordable options. 

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans and Prices

Mint Mobile – $20 per month

The Mint Mobile prepaid plan is one of the lowest priced plans available. It provides 10GB per month. It also includes a free hotspot. You can get this for 3 months. Afterwards, you will be given an option to sign up for another three months, or extend it to six and 12 months.

Verizon – $45 per month

While it is not the most affordable option for prepaid cell phone plans, Verizon offers value in exchange. At $45 per month, you get 15GB of prepaid data with the best coverage and speed. If you want to use this plan longer, Verizon will also provide you with another $5 discount on your monthly price, and may also cut another $5 after nine months.  

T-Mobile Connect – $15 per month

If you’re a T-Mobile user, you can choose to downgrade your plan to their prepaid plan. You get 2.5 GB of data and an annual boost of 500 MB. It also includes unlimited calls and texts with 5G access. 

AT&T – $25 per month

Another big carrier option is AT&T’s prepaid for $25 per month. This option gives you 8GB of data. It only costs $25 if you pay for a whole year. With this prepaid plan, you get hotspot data, HD video streaming and unused data roll over. 

Visible – $40 per month

Another great option would be Visible’s prepaid cell phone plan for only $40. It provides unlimited data, unlimited calls and texts and free mobile hotspot. This also gives you the option to use Visible’s family plan to get a lower price per line. 

How to Choose the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plan for You

When deciding which is the best prepaid cell phone plan for you, it is recommended to look past the price and check the amount of data offered by each company. 

Define your needs and wants in a phone and phone service. Check which plans offer the best fit of services and features for you.

Cross-reference this with other plans and then compare each of them. A good way to do this is to start your own research, call up each carrier. You may be able to get a better deal than just looking on their website. This way you can discover whether they offer any special prepaid deals. 

Finally, with all this information, you can decide upon the best prepaid cell phone option for you.