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Do AirPods work with Android?

AirPods are one of Apple’s latest exclusive inventions that were released in September of 2016. Today we are going to explore the notion of using AirPods on an Android device. Specifically, do AirPods work with Android devices?

As with most Apple releases, AirPods are exclusive to Apple products. Although this device was made exclusively for Apple phone users, their release nonetheless started a market trend of wireless earphones. 

Nowadays, there are many available options for non-Apple users as well as for customers who have switched over from Apple to Android.

However, what if you spent your money on a new phone but do not want to purchase a set of new wireless earpods, or vice versa? We will discuss this further below.

Do AirPods work with Android?

Fortunately, yes. You can still use your AirPods even if your new phone is an Android phone.

That is because although AirPods are exclusive to Apple devices, it still uses Bluetooth technology to power its wireless connectivity. So they work pretty much like any other Bluetooth mobile technologies. 

So essentially, AirPods are compatible with any device that uses Bluetooth technology including Windows devices and smart TVs. 

How to Connect AirPods to your Android 

Connecting your AirPods to your Android device is as simple as connecting any device via Bluetooth. The steps are merely the same, so here are the steps on how to do so:

  1. On your Android device, open your settings
  2. Depending on your device, you can just tap the Bluetooth option or tap Device Connectivity which has Bluetooth as one of the options
  3. Either way, once you are in there, turn on your Bluetooth
    1. An easier alternative would be to slide the top of your screen
    2. Look for the Bluetooth option
    3. Tap to turn it on
    4. Hold it to look for new or paired devices
  4. Then, for AirPods, place them in the charging case and make sure that the top lid is open
  5. After that, on the back of the case is the setup button. Hold that button until the light flashes. That means that your AirPods is ready to pair with another device
  6. Back on your phone, you may see that your AirPods are available for pairing
  7. Pair it and connect it

And that is it! It is just like connecting another device to your phone.

However, because AirPods are made exclusively for Apple devices, you will not be able to enjoy all the features it has while it is connected to your Android device. 

What are the cons of connecting your AirPods to your Android device?

First, AirPods paired with Androids lack Siri features. This is unsurprising since Siri is only for Apple devices. Moreover, you cannot use the Android alternative, Google Assistant, to replace Siri. 

You also do not have the ability to control certain control aspects of the music playback from your AirPods, such as double-tapping your AirPods to change the song or volume.

Lastly, connecting your AirPods to a non-Apple device also removes the ear detection feature. 

The ear detection feature allows your AirPods to detect if you have removed them, and they will automatically pause the audio until you put them back on.