How To Clean a Clear Phone Case

How To Clean a Clear Phone Case

For better or worse, our phones are something that we cannot live a day without. As we use our phones every day, it is inevitable that our phone cases will not wear off. Especially clear phone cases. 

Aren’t we all tired of seeing our clear phone cases turn yellow months after using them? The explanation as to how phone cases turn yellow is that clear phone cases are made out of silicone and it is natural for them to turn yellow through time and constant usage. 

If you want to refresh your case to make it look flawless and brand new, we will talk about some of the ways on how to clean your phone using DIY household cleaning products and how to maintain your phone to keep it looking fresh.

How To Clean a Clear Phone Case

Dish Soap and Water

Different stains call for different cleaning products. Before cleaning, you should remove your case from the phone. 

If you have a phone case that has light stains, you may use dish soap and water. Simply just fill a bowl with one cup of hot water and add two to three drops of dish soap. Use a soft cloth or a toothbrush to scrub the exterior of your case because you don’t want to scratch the surface. 

Cover all the parts of the case then rinse and repeat as necessary. If marks remain, try using an eraser to remove unwanted stains. Once the case is clean, dry with a soft cloth and let it sit for 1-2 hours before using it again. 

Isopropyl Alcohol

For cases with medium stains, you can use isopropyl alcohol. Pour small amounts of the alcohol onto a soft cloth and begin to scrub your case using the materials mentioned earlier. 

Scrub all the parts of the phone case then rub it with a soft dry cloth. Let it sit for 1-2 hours after doing the steps before using it again. 

Using isopropyl alcohol is a good habit to practice since it also disinfects your phone case. 

Baking Soda

For phone cases that have tough stains, baking soda is the recommended solution for you. First, cover the case or a particular stain with a small amount of baking soda, then take a wet soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub any tough marks on the case. Make sure to cover all the parts of the case. 

After that, rinse with water and wipe off any remaining baking soda with a clean and soft cloth. Let it dry for 1-2 hours before putting it back on your phone. 

Maintenance for a Clear Phone Case

Repeat these procedures on a regular basis to remove unwanted things that might ruin your phone case. However, these practices are not foolproof solutions. If it does not help you at all, consider buying a new phone case to save you all the effort. 

With proper maintenance, a dirty phone case should not be a problem for you, and your phone case will even last longer than it normally would. 

The only solution to avoid a phone case from yellowing is to clean it on a regular basis. By doing the above-mentioned steps, you can achieve a clean-looking phone case that is presentable.

If you have any other tips on how to clean a clear phone case, share them in the comments below.