how to facetime on android

How to FaceTime on Android

It is common knowledge that a lot of Apple or iOS apps are exclusive to iPhones and their devices. This includes the likes of FaceTime, Safari, and iMessage. This marketing strategy is used by Apple to discourage their users to switch to other phones and devices. 

However, in iOS and macOS 15 and the macOS 12 Monterey things may become easier for Android and Apple users alike, to connect with each other. 

Is it possible to video chat between Apple and Android?

FaceTime users will be able to video chat with friends and family who use Android devices, Windows PC, and any devices as long as they have a functioning browser. 

There are also other features in this update such as end-to-end encryption and SharePlay, which allows callers to share videos, music, and other media during the call. 

Apple users will have the chance to share media through Facetime with SharePlay, but Android users will not be able to access that media if it is an Apple exclusive file/media. 

However, with the help of third-party apps, it can be accessed. Even so, please note that only Apple users can initiate the Facetime video calls.

How to FaceTime on Android

First, you will need an Apple device that is updated to iOS15, or in this case, an iOS15 beta. 

Next, open the Facetime app. Once you open it, look at the upper right corner of the app and you will see the “Create Link” option. 

Click that and a submenu will appear with the following options:

  • Add name
  • Share destinations
  • Copy link

Copy your Facetime call’s link and send it to the Android user that you wanted to call. Then the receiver will need to click the link sent to them. 

After doing so, it will take them to a default browser where they will be asked to enter their name and join the conversation. 

After typing their name, they will click continue and there you go! You are now communicating with the person whom you wish to speak to. When a person is using Facetime through Android, they will have the default features such as mute audio, hide video, camera switch, and leave call. 

Other Communication Methods

Although this is only for users on the iOS15 beta, do not worry! There are other ways of communication from an Android phone to an Apple device and vice versa. 

The most common one is through downloaded apps such as Facebook Messenger. 

For a more formal call or meeting, try others such as Zoom or Google Meet. Google Duo is also a suitable option.