Can cell phone repair shops fix water damage

Can Cell Phone Repair Shops Fix Water Damage?

If your phone has experienced water damage, you may be wondering if it’s fixable. Is it worth saving? Or is it time to invest in a new phone? 

Water damage to cell phones can be tricky. It is challenging to fix water damage, even for most cell phone repair professionals and technicians. 

Can Cell Phone Repair Shops Fix Water Damage?

So, can cell phone repair shops fix water damage? Yes, and no. It’s a complex situation, and I will explain to you why below. 

When Water Damage on Your Cell Phone Can Be Fixed

It may be easy to fix the water damage if the motherboard is not damaged. 

For instance, if only replaceable cell phone parts such as battery, charging ports, screens, power buttons, volume buttons, etc., are damaged, cell phone repair shops may be able to replace just those parts.

Then, it would only depend on whether a particular repair company has the spare parts needed or can order them.

When Even a Cell Phone Repair Shop Probably Can’t Fix a Water Damaged Phone

However, things get complicated when certain components of the motherboard are water damaged. If, for instance, the motherboard becomes shorted out, then your phone is beyond repair. 

Why? Simply because once there’s corrosion inside your cell phone’s motherboard, there’s a higher chance that it will affect all the wiring. Even if it is fixed. 

Yes, the damage can still spread even after your phone has been successfully repaired from water damage.

Within weeks, you may start to notice that your phone is not as functional. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may start to notice your phone slowing down, losing connection, losing sounds or volume, problems with display, etc. 

So, there is a high likelihood that your phone will experience more problems, and require further resources for repair. This can result in you throwing more and more money at your phone. And, quite honestly, it’s probably cheaper for you to just get a new phone instead of trying to fix your current one.  

In fact, some technicians would probably recommend that you purchase a new phone if your phone’s motherboard is at risk of corrosion.. 

So Is It Worth Repairing That Phone?

This, of course, is only in the case where your motherboard isn’t fried. But the answer to this question often depends on a few key factors.

First, if your phone is still under warranty, then you may be able to get it repaired for a cheaper price, or at no cost at all. 

Second, if you have phone insurance, you may be able to get it replaced for free, depending on your carrier. 

Lastly, if your phone contains important data that has not been backed up on a Cloud, or elsewhere, it may be necessary to try and get it fixed. 

Just ensure you backup your files and other important data online as soon as the cell repair company returns your phone to you.