how long do smartphones last

How Long Do Smartphones Last?

Smartphones are a vital part of the 21th century lifestyle. Even children and seniors use smartphones nowadays. But how long do smartphones last, and how can you make one last longer? 

That’s exactly what you’ll find out below in this article!Let’s find out.

How Long Do Smartphones Last?

On average, the minimum life of a smartphone is between two to three years. And, yes, that same lifespan applies to iPhones, Androids, and any other types of smartphones on the market today.

After this period, your smartphone will begin to slow down. This means it may take longer for you to accomplish tasks that you used to accomplish in very little time. 

You’ll still be able to do what you need. But the slowness can get super annoying. When your smartphone starts to slow down, you will most definitely feel it!

The smartphone’s performance will not be the same as it was before. Even with great care, your smartphone will still start to slow down after a few years.

Common Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Smartphone

Here are some of the most common signs that your smartphone is due for a replacement:

  1. The battery gets drained quickly

Over time, a smartphone’s battery degrades. It’s just the way it is. And it’s pretty much unavoidable. If you rely on your smartphone to last for a full day, a healthy battery life is important. 

You can see your phone’s battery life on the settings. And you will also notice its decline because it will only hold charge for a few hours.

There are a few things that affect your battery life. One of the biggest factors is temperature. It’s vital to keep your smartphone at a moderate temperature. 

If you notice that your battery is not holding charge as long as it used to after just the first year of owning it, then temperature is most likely the problem. 

Battery life is also the most important for a smartphone’s lifespan. It is the biggest indicator of overall phone health.

  1. Operating System Issues

Another factor to consider is the operating system. Some smartphones can only be updated to a certain release of an operating system. After that, you’re on your own. 

One updates stop, the system can get buggy. This could lead to programs crashing, your phone randomly turning on and off, and etc. 

Also, you won’t get any security updates which can put your phone at risk. 

  1. Shattered Screen

It’s very difficult to use a phone with a shattered screen. Most people will take this as a sign that their phone is no longer usable. However, it is very easy to fix this problem. If your phone glass shatters within the first year, it’s likely that your phone is still under warranty. So you can just take it in to get it fixed.

After its warranty period, you can still take it in to get fixed. However, that will cost you some money. It’s still cost-effective compared to getting a new phone. 

Tips To Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

Here are a few ways to make your smartphone last for longer.

The first step is to keep your phone battery in optimal health. 

When you’re not using apps, make sure to close them. This will keep your phone from running background apps that are not necessary, and exhausting your phone’s battery. In your smartphone’s settings, you can also turn off any background apps that are of no use to you.

And see if there’s an option to replace your phone’s battery. Not many people know they can do this. If you can, this is way cheaper than replacing your phone.

Another trick is to keep your phone updated. Update applications when necessary, to keep them running smoothly. 

Also, be sure to get a good case to protect your phone. A case and a screen protector can save your phone when the inevitable drop(s) occur.