Samsung Galaxy s20 Price and Features

Billed as the phone that will change photography, the Samsung s20, s20+ and s20 Ultra pack some serious punch for photos and videos, along with 5g capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy s20 Price: Starts at $399.99

The Galaxy s20 starts at $399.99 with eligible trade-ins.

Samsung Galaxy s20 Features You’ll Love

  • 108MP Camera, Allowing For Crazy Close Up, High Resolution Images and Videos
  • 30x to 100x Zooms (Depending On Model)
  • Nearly Tripled Light Sensor Size To Take Amazing Low Light Photos
  • 8k Videos – Currently THE HIGHEST Resolution For Smartphone Video
  • Ability To Pull 33MP Stills Out Of Video
  • Incredible AI Feature That Stabilizes Videos So They Don’t Appear Blurry Or Unstable
  • Shoot Video For Up To 10 Seconds And Get Back Multiple Videos Formats
  • Live Stream, Share and Game at HyperFast Speeds With 5G
  • All Day Battery That Learns From Your Use To Give You Peak Performance and Life
  • Massive Storage – 750,000 Photos – Before Expanding With MicroSD
  • Completely Revamped And Upgraded Security System
  • All The Accessories You’ve Come To Expect From Samsung

The s20 is simply a beast – packing everything you could possibly want in a smartphone today into a slim and beautiful package that’s available in multiple colors – Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink and Cosmic Black.

What Are Actual Users Saying?

Brand New, The Camera currently only has 23 reviews on Google, but it’s already racked up a 4.4/5 star rating.

We’re also seeing a lot of really positive reviews from editorial sources, 4+ (and higher) from all the ones that we’ve read.

If you’re serious about photography or video, this is a must look smartphone, the features and quality are nothing short of next level, which current user reviews can attest to!