how to clean a phone case

How to Clean a Phone Case

Did you know that your phone is ten times dirtier than your toilet seat? There’s no more compelling reason to clean your phone case regularly than that! Imagine the amount of virus, germs, and dirt lurking on it, particularly during flu season.

Clean your phone case already! If you do not know how to get started, we’re here to help you. Below is a guide on how to clean your phone case depending on the material of your case and the purpose of cleaning.

Always Use Microfiber Cloths

Whether you’re cleaning a rubber or wooden phone case, disinfecting it, or removing a stain, a microfiber cloth is important.

Microfiber is a type of cloth that is soft enough to avoid creating scratches, and to catch small dirt particles. Did you know that the microfiber cloth is so small that it can remove germs with just water?

This soft cloth is also fast-absorbing, so your phone doesn’t get damaged when you put your case back on. You can use it on whatever material your phone case is!

Removing Stains on Your Phone Case

If your main purpose of cleaning your phone case is removing a stain, consider baking soda as your best friend.

Start by removing the phone case from your phone. Then, sprinkle baking soda over the stain and scrub it with a wet toothbrush. Finally, rinse off the baking soda and dry your case with a soft cloth. 

Disinfecting Your Phone Case

Disinfecting your phone case is important to avoid catching viruses and germs. Think of the diverse places you place your phone, and then transfer to your hands.

And, it’s easy! Simply remove your phone case and find rubbing alcohol. Soak a soft cloth with the alcohol, use an alcohol wipe or just spray some on your phone case. 

Wipe it up and down on both sides then wait for it to dry. 

Cleaning Your Phone Case Based on Its Material

Some cleaning materials do not work depending on your phone case’s material. Here are some tips on how to clean different types of phone cases:


Leather phone cases are trendy. The best way to clean them is by using a leather conditioner after wiping it with water and mild soap. 

Be careful! Keep your case out of direct sunlight and heat. 


For a plastic phone case, mix one tablespoon of bleach with one cup of water. Soak the phone case for five minutes then scrub with a sponge. Rinse off the solution and dry it out.

Rubber and Silicone

For rubber and silicone phone cases, just add a few drops of dish soap to hot water then scrub your case with it using a sponge or cloth. 

You can also sprinkle it with baking soda afterward. Don’t forget to rinse and dry it out!


For wooden phone cases, try filling a spray bottle with two parts water and one part vinegar. You can also add a few drops of dish soap. Spray it onto the case and wipe with a cloth.