How To Repair a Cracked Phone Screen

How To Repair a Cracked Phone Screen

A cracked phone screen doesn’t happen as often with today’s reinforced engineering on smartphones. However, it is not impossible to get a cracked phone screen. Especially if you use your phone without a protective case or protective tempered glass.

If you do have a broken screen, we’re going to look at how to repair a cracked phone screen below.

How To Repair a Cracked Phone Screen

So how do you repair a cracked phone screen? There are multiple ways to do it yourself at home. Why would you want to do it yourself?

Well, for starters, you can save a lot of money on repair costs. And you learn a new skill!

Depending on the severity of damage to your phone screen, there are multiple ways to fix it. But keep in mind that these are just tips. They may or may not work with your smartphone, depending on how bad the damage is.

With that said, let’s look at some of these options…

Before you do anything else, be sure to check with your manufacturer, or service provider if your unit is still under warranty. If so, you may be able to have them fix your phone without paying too much or anything at all.

Packing Tape

If your phone screen has minor cracks, you can use a packing tape and place it over the cracks. All you have to do is cut out small pieces of packing tape and place it over the crack. 

While this may not completely repair your phone screen, it prevents the cracks from getting your fingers wounded. If the damage is on the side of your phone, you can use an X-Acto knife to trim the tape. It’s more accurate.

Super Glue

Another tip is to use cyanoacrylate glue, or more known as super glue. It can help you seal small cracks on your phone screen. 

For this, you will need a toothpick, a small dish, cloth, or cotton swabs. All you have to do is pour some super glue into the dish, and use the toothpick to apply them on your cracked phone screen. Wipe the excess glue using the cloth or the cotton swab.

At Home Replacement

You can also replace the glass by yourself at home. It will only cost you around $10-$30, depending on the phone model. You can get the replacement equipment online, and again, the cost varies depending on the model of your phone. Here’s a guide to help you out:

Note that this guide is for iPhone 12 Pro Max, but you can also explore the internet for DIY phone screen replacement videos. 

Got To a Professional

If you’re not comfortable with fixing your phone screen by yourself, you can always go to a repair shop and get it done professionally. Some manufacturers also offer repairs. 

If you want to know how much this would cost, check out this article.

These are only some of the stuff you can do to repair a cracked phone screen. Keep in mind that no matter how careful you may be, your phone’s screen may get accidentally damaged. So, it’s important to use a protective case for your phone. This will not only protect your phone, but save you hundreds of dollars from repairs.