Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Waterproof

Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Waterproof?

Water resistance is a great feature for a smartphone. Having one that’s waterproof is even better!

And when it comes to waterproof smartphones, one of the names that often comes up is the Samsung Galaxy S10. So, is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Waterproof?

Let’s find out!

Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Waterproof?

First thing’s first, it’s imperative to know that all Samsung’s flagship models have an IP68 rating. An IP68 rating means that a phone can be submerged into water up to 1.5 meters deep, or nearly five feet deep for up to 30 minutes. 

Now that doesn’t mean you should take your phone deep sea diving with you! However, it gives you some added assurance and protection in case you accidentally drop your phone in water. 

Also good to know here is an IP rating doesn’t mean that your phone is waterproof. It’s a rating for a phone’s water resistance. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. 

Before you start testing your Samsung Galaxy S10’s water resistant properties, keep in mind that the IP68 rating is only applied to new phones in perfect condition. When you first take it out of the box, the IP68 rating is still fully intact.

However, if you have been using your phone for a while, the water resistancy may decrease due to real world conditions. These conditions may compromise the water resistance and dust resistance.

For instance, if your phone has cracks water could easily seep in. Or if the seal around the cord connection points are worn down, it could be a potential entry point for water.

Additionally, the IP rating is only for fresh H20 water, and not salt water. Other liquids such as fuel, beverages and oils are also not ideal. So be sure to protect your smartphone from getting wet with liquids. 

What Do IP Ratings Really Mean?

Let’s talk more about the IP rating. The Ingress Protection or IP is a measurement used to determine the different levels of water and dust resistance. It’s universally accepted among smartphones and other gadgets. 

The IP68 rating means that your device has a certain level of protection against dirt, sand, water and dust. 

For the Galaxy S10, and various other Samsung smartphones, the company did throw in a little bit of a special feature that allows your device to automatically detect wet moisture. 

When your phone gets wet, or absorbs moisture, it sends you a notification that informs you whether or not your USB port is dry. This way, you won’t accidentally insert a charging cable when it’s wet. It’s an added bonus that prevents any electrical damage to your phone. 

Other Samsung smartphones with the highest IP68 rating are the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S20, and every other Samsung Galaxy model dating back to the S7. Any other older models before that don’t have the same IP rating, however.

Additionally, your Samsung Galaxy smartphone warranty doesn’t cover water damage. As well as other physical damages to your phone.

With that said, it’s reassuring to know that your Samsung Galaxy S10 has a level of protection in case you accidentally drop it in water, or spill some type of liquid over it.